Feb 12, 2018
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#ymgt_cool VR “Kumano Taisha”

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“ #ymgt_cool VR “ is VR videos in which you can go around “Cool” places in Yamagata prefecture and discover hidden “Cool” aspects there.

The first episode “Kumano Taisha” has been released.
Dive into the world of 1,200-Year-History Shrine that Worships the God of Matchmaking.
MORE INFORMATION: http://www.nhk.or.jp/yamagata/cool/en/kumano/

Kumano Taisha is known as a shrine that worships the god of matchmaking and is a prefecturally-designated important cultural asset boasting 1,200 years of history. At the entrance to the approach of the shrine stands a large torii gate, followed by stone steps in the precincts, and at the top perches the hall of worship. Three rabbits are engraved somewhere in the grounds and it is said that people who finds them all will be blessed with good fortune.

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