Oct 8, 2018
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‘Twilight’ RETURNS to Theaters for 10th Anniversary + Cast Reunites at 2018 NYCC

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The first Twilight movie premiered 10 YEARS ago, which is almost too crazy to comprehend, but it’s true. And to honor the movie-slash-global phenomenon, a few Twilight cast members stopped by New York Comic Con over the weekend to share their fondest memories of the filmmaking process.

Actors Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, and Edi Gathegi joined the film’s director, Catherine Hardwicke, for a panel to reminisce about the very first Twilight movie. One of the scenes Kellan and Jackson remember most vividly was the iconic Vampire baseball scene.

Jackson, who played Jasper Hale in the franchise, explained of filming the scene QUOTE, “The vampire baseball scene was a big thing…I remember seeing it on the page and thinking, how are we gonna make this look cool? How is this not gonna be just B-movie camp? But luckily we were in the hands of an incredible cinematographer [Elliot Davis] and of course, Catherine directed the hell out of it.”

Kellan, who played Emmett Cullen in the franchise, also gushed about Catherine’s directing, saying QUOTE, “I really enjoyed working with her. Any setup she had, she would get in there and act it out for us. During the baseball scene, she had us acting like cats and bears and animals so we could give life to these vampires who are ‘the undead’ and don’t have much going on.”

Catherine also revealed that all of the actors had to train for that baseball scene, including Rob Pattinson, who — thanks to his British upbringing — had never played baseball before!

And speaking of Rob, while he was unable to join the panel in person, he did manage to call in via Skype. Unfortunately some technical issues made his video chat a bit rocky, but he still managed to thank fans and express his love and appreciation for them, as well as the franchise that made him a household name. Kristen Stewart also took the time to tape a pre-recorded video message, which was also shared with fans at the panel.

To celebrate the film’s 10 year anniversary further, Twilight is being re-released into more than 450 movie theatres across the US! The special screenings will take place on October 21st and October 23rd, so start booking those tickets ASAP!

And for those who can’t make it out to the theatres, don’t worry, because Lionsgate is also re-releasing all FIVE Twilight Saga films on Blu-ray, with new collectible artwork and features. Movie marathon anyone?

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