Sep 20, 2018
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The Internet CALLS OUT Kylie Jenner for Lying About Cereal Milk

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Kylie Jenner is being CALLED OUT by fans over allegedly lying about not having cereal with milk.

And people are going cuckoo not for Cocoa Puffs but over this!

Just yesterday morning the Internet lost their minds over the fact that Kylie Jenner had never had milk with her cereal. She tweeted “last night I had cereal with milk for the first time, life changing.”

Fans reacted on Twitter with just how baffled they were while others offered up some exciting combinations. Seth Rogen tweeted: ( “Wait till you try peanut butter and jam”.

But you guys, turns out Kylie Jenner played us all. TMZ first reported that on April 25, 2013 Kylie posted a picture of what looks like bran flakes with YOU GUESSED IT, MILK! DUN DUN DUN. She captioned the photo “he keeps me healthy with a strawberry emoji” and TMZ suggests the “he” she is referring to is her dad, who famously appeared on Wheaties boxes after getting a gold medal in the 1976 Olympics.

Some fans are saying it isn’t milk but instead, yogurt because of how the strawberries are sitting on the cereal.

Whether you believe her or not TMZ is reporting that Almond Breeze had actually been preparing to reach out to Kylie to supply her with almond milk but Tuesday’s cereal video set that plan into high gear. An rep from the company told TMZ Almond Breeze is ready to ship out a gift package to Kylie.

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