Oct 3, 2018
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Shawn Mendes WORRIES His Social Media Posts “Aren’t Good Enough”

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Shawn Mendes worries his social media posts aren’t “good enough”.

And it’s the most relatable news you’ll hear all day.

Shawn Mendes just got REAL about the pressures of social media. On October 1st Shawn opened on Twitter about his struggle with posting online. Shawn started by writing, “Hey, sorry i haven’t been very active on social media lately. Been struggling with it and the last thing i wanna do is post something because i feel like i have to instead of want to you know? I always just want to be 100% real with you guys always!” We’ve all been there. Feeling like you HAVE to post something online can trigger the worst kind of anxiety. It’s clear that the pressures don’t go away when you have millions of followers. Many artists feel the need to post on social media all the time for their fans and also to stay relevant.

Shawn explained his struggle a bit further, admitting he worries that his posts aren’t good enough writing, “Plus i guess if im being honest i dont post a lot because i worry its not “good” enough… whatever that truly means and that’s pretty stupid SOo”. If we could talk to Shawn right now- we would tell him that the TRUTH is always good enough. Fans follow you because they want to get to know the real you. And we love you no matter how often you post on social media.

Of course, Shawn’s fans responded to these posts with a ton of love. One fan named @imhighkeyshawn even encouraged Shawn to take a break saying, “You have been working your a** off for the last few years and you honestly deserve a break, yes meeting your fans and doing music makes you happy but at the same time you’re only 20 years old. You deserve time to yourself… Your health and happiness comes first. We will still be here.”

Shawn noticed the overwhelming support from his fans and responded writing, “just wanted to say hi and that im seeing everything you guys are tweeting and seeing how much youve been supporting the remix and everything i do and i love you and thank you always !!!!”.

What do you guys think about Shawn’s all-too-relatable social media fears? Tell us your reaction to this story down below in the comments! Then, be sure to check out another new video and of course don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. I’m your host Ava Gordy, thanks for tuning in to Clevver.

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