Aug 14, 2017
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RealLifeStarter is a new crowdfunding web site that allows you to bribe your adult children into finally giving up their unrealistic, “creative” dreams.

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Thingstarter is a series of parody Kickstarter videos where budding entrepreneurs make fundraising appeals for wildly misguided projects.

Cast & Credits

Written/Created by The Bilderbergers
The Bilderbergers are Lucas Klauss, Matt Moskovciak, and Ben Stadler

Michael Delaney as Dan
Molly Lloyd as Liz
Patrick Waldo as Gabriel
Leslie Meisel as the Counselor
Aaron Burdette as the Life Guardian

Directed by Ben Weinstein
Director of Photography: Jon Chen
Producer: Ben Weinstein
Edited by Alex Markman
AC/Gaffer: Tinx Chan
Sound Mixer: Jeff Gaumer
Original Music: Alex Weinstein
Graphic Designer: Tatiana Lam

Above Average Producer: Josh Poole
Production Coordinator: Kayla Nadel-LaMotta
PA: Dani Rait

Special Thanks: Mike and Christen Downey, Nunzio Randazzo , Alison Bennet , Holly Hayden ,

Equipment Provided by Canon

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