Sep 10, 2018
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One Direction Fans FREAK OUT Over Liam Payne’s CRYPTIC Post

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Liam Payne sends One Direction fans into a total frenzy with yet another hint that a reunion may be coming!

Another day, another gazillion fans hoping for a 1D reunion

It feels like just yesterday, we were desperately trying to pick up the pieces when One Direction made the announcement they would be taking a hiatus. That was over 2 years ago. It also feels like just yesterday that we got our hopes up for a 1D reunion.. and that was really yesterday.. and last month… and the month before that.
Truth is, One Direction fans are so ready for a reunion so when Liam Payne took to his Instagram yesterday with a super cryptic post that maybe, JUST MAYBE, hints at a reunion, you better believe we lost our damn minds.
The Strip That Down singer posted a pic of the OG 1D- all 5 of them- alongside a caption that reads QUOTE “1000 days.”
Aaaaaand cue internet explosion. Of course fans immediately hit up the comments to really figure out what this could possibly mean?
Like… 1000 day countdown? Countdown to what?! Or like, 1000 days since 1D was a thing? and he’s just looking back? HUH?
Obviously it’s hard to not get our hopes up when, on a recent appearance on Lorraine, Louis Tomlinson said QUOTE “We’re all just enjoying our time but for me there’s no way with a band like One Direction that it’s not to happen again, it’s just impossible to say when.”

So okay, we like that. Especially since fans were all a little discouraged and maybe lost some hope when the realized the boys’ merch store had been shut down online. And obviously they all have their own things going on now, music careers, tv shows, movies, like damn. It’s a lot. And we’re really proud but also, get back together, thank you.
Now it’s time for you to weigh in with your thoughts on Liam’s post and Louis’ comments? Do you think this might be the first sign that we will, in fact, get the reunion we’ve been dreaming of? Leave your thoughts down below and then you can click right here to watch another brand new video and of course be sure to subscribe to our channels. I’m your girl Sinead de Vries, and I’ll se eyou guys soon!

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