Sep 20, 2018
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Noah Centineo is HOTTER Than EVER in New Sarah Bahbah Photo Shoot

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Noah recently collaborated with photographer and artist Sarah Bahbah on a new photo essay called “Dear Love”, and the pictures as well as the story they tell are absolutely beautiful.

In the series, which Sarah published to Instagram this week, Noah poses shirtless on a couch, looking pensive and relaxed. The shots range from close ups of his face, to full-body shots, and in each of them Noah’s features are highlighted in a stunning, golden natural light.

The photos are each superimposed with an intimate thought from Noah’s character’s point of view, as he contemplates love, loneliness, and letting go.

In the first shot, Noah looks directly at the camera, as the text reads QUOTE, “I dreamt we were in love, then I woke up.” Which is kind of ironic because I have a feeling a LOT of Noah’s fans have had that thought about him.

In one super close up that has no subtitle text, Noah holds a tarot card featuring “The Devil” to his chest. Noah holds to card close in other shots as well, and a few other tarot cards appear to be displayed around his body in a few other photos.

In another shot, Noah looks away from the camera and the text reads QUOTE, “Maybe I’m supposed to be alone.”

Finally, his character accepts that he’d rather be alone than be with someone who isn’t emotionally available for him. In this shot his body and face are almost completely turned away from the camera, and the text reads QUOTE, “You’ve never seen me not want you. Are you ready now?”

In a final shot of the series, Noah is sitting up and fully dressed. He looks down but looks more assured and confident in the shot, and the text reads QUOTE, “I don’t think about you the way I’m supposed to”.

Sarah Bahbah explained of the photo essay QUOTE, “This is a series that celebrates the complications of all aspects of human connection — connections [that are] shared and connections within yourself. In this series we watch the protagonist search past surface-level connections. We watch as he turns introspectively and begins to understand himself and his needs.”

Well we’ve gotta tip our hats to the artist and her muse, because they absolutely nailed it.

Sarah’s photo series isn’t the only reason Noah’s making headlines this week. The actor was recently teased by the official Netflix France and Belgium Twitter Account for his rather unique way of wearing T-shirts and hoodies. The account showed a variety of pictures of Noah sporting either a T-shirt or sweatshirt draped around his neck like a scarf. A while we don’t know what inspired this particular look, we’re just glad it’s giving those biceps the attention they deserve.

Alright guys now I wanna turn it over to you — what do you think of Noah and Sarah’s “Dear Love” photo shoot collab? And do you dig Noah’s “T-Shirt as a scarf” look? Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments below!

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