Sep 27, 2018
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Noah Centineo Gives Internet Strangers The SWEETEST Advice

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Watch Noah Centineo give his fans some amazing advice on just about everything from managing stress to approaching your crush, to getting over heartbreak… and so much more.

Stop what you’re doing right now because Noah is being cuter than ever

And that’s saying a lot because well he’s pretty darn cute. All. The Time. But today we’re gushing over his latest interview that’s really a Q+A with Glamour. But for this particular vid entitled Live Life Advice with Noah Centineo, Noah is answering FAN QUESTIONS by providing some of his own wisdom in regards to some very important questions about life and love and everything in between.
The video begins with Noah announcing the fun vid and telling viewers QUOTE “I have absolutely no grounds to be giving anyone advice on anything.” Uh.. okay. We’ve seen your tweets. We know what you’re capable of, Noah, but nice try.

The first question came from Twitter user “Stream After Laughter,” who needed some advice on approaching a cute guy in a restaurant and asking for his number without QUOTE “failing miserably.” Noah was quick to remind the tweeter that QUOTE “good things come out of failure,” but he also encouraged her to just go for it.
CLIP TOSS: (:37-:45)
Be confident and just go for it because otherwise, you’ll never know! Love it.

Now I was a huge fan of this next question which posed the question if 26 was too old for a 22 year old. Twitter user @gabriellejunior said she was quote “asking for a friend,” but we’re onto her, and so was Noah.. but he did have the best answer and you’ll see why I’m a big fan of his response.
CLIP TOSS (1:06-1:10)
So he’s saying I have a chance! YAY.

As the vid continues, we find out Noah is a Harry Potter fan- he’s read all the books- and he actually reads A LOT, which we found out by his extensive recommended reading list. He has a wide variety of music on his playlist, and he thinks romance is defined by caring for someone. He also has solid advice for managing anxiety which includes finding time to do things YOU like to do- like taking a bath or getting back to your interests in between daily stresses. Soooo basically he’s becoming more and more husband material by the second, and DEFINITELY best friend material… But our hearts really melted when he gave some sounds advice for getting over heartbreak.
CLIP TOSS (1:53-2:05)

So you know what this means guys! If you happened to ask Noah for some friendly advice recently, he might have an answer for you! And if that’s the case, then jealous!
Drop your thoughts on Noah’s Q+A down in the comments and we can gush about Noah together on Instagram- find me @sineaddevries. Now you can click right here for another brand new vid and be sure to subscribe to all of our channels. Thanks so much for watching, I’m your girl Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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