Oct 2, 2018
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Netflix To Let Users CHOOSE Endings of ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Episodes

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Netflix is looking to get into the Interactive TV market, and one of its first pushes into the new venture will be allowing users to choose the endings they want for shows like ‘Black Mirror’ season 5.

‘Black Mirror’ is a sci-fi anthology series, with each episode playing out more as a short, stand-alone movie. The show dives deep into dark, psychologically twisted and intriguing themes, all inspired by the possibilities of technology in some way. So, it makes sense that Netflix would choose this particular show to test out the “Choose Your Own Ending” interactive feature. If you’re a fan of the show, then you know that ‘Black Mirror’ characters are often mentally, emotionally, and even physically put through the RINGER, and their stories usually turn out to be quite morbid by the end. So, for viewers that prefer their emotionally charged shows to end on a bit of a lighter note, these alternate endings could be a very welcome option.

That being said, ‘Black Mirror’ is designed to be dark and unnerving, so that it can be as thought-provoking and conversation-inducing as it is. Would a “choose your own ending” take away from that quality? It’s definitely possible.

But Netflix has obviously put a lot of thought into the concept, as they’ve previously tested out the interactive viewing feature with their animated ‘Shrek’ spinoff show, “Puss in Book”. The show gave kids the option of choosing whether the protagonist kitty fights a god or a tree. After watching one version, kids can go back and watch the other.

According to Bloomberg, in addition to ‘Black Mirror’ season 5, Netflix has a variety of other interactive projects in the works, including adaptations of yet-to-be named video games. Netflix has not confirmed any of these other projects, but it’s clear that the streaming giant is ready to test out whether or not Interactive Entertainment is the future.

Alright guys this is a lot to unpack, so I want to hear from you — would you be excited to choose your own ‘Black Mirror’ ending, or would it take away from the show’s thought-provoking appeal? And what do you think of the concept of Interactive TV in general? Sound off with all your thoughts and opinions on all of this in the comments below!

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