Sep 21, 2018
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Miss Piggy Becomes Lady Gaga in ‘A Star is Born’ Muppets Parody

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Los Angeles based writer, comedian and podcaster Kevin T. Porter decided to put his creativity to work and remake the ‘A Star is Born’ trailer with Kermit the Frog as Bradley Cooper’s character Jack and Miss Piggy as Lady Gaga’s character Ally.

You may have already read the amazing reviews the critics have given A Star is Born and since 2-weeks is just too long of a wait, this creative genius gave us something to hold us up. Porter revealed it took him 3 days to edit the video, using clips from all five Muppet films.
While he hasn’t seen the full movie yet, like most of us, he instantly fell in love with the trailer.
He told EW that he is ultimately just trying to land a job on the next Muppets TV Show. He told EW, QUOTE- “I’d gladly be Miss Piggy’s personal assistant. I’m definitely more of a Kermit, not the least of which is [because of] owning and playing a banjo of my own and waving my arms and screaming uncontrollably when I get excited about something.”
It’s safe to say his chances of getting hired have just increased significantly.

What did you guys think of the parody trailer, and are you watching A Star is Born on October 5th? Sound off in the comments section down below and then click right over here for more. Make sure to click that subscribe button. I’m your host Tom Plumley, see you guys next time!

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