Sep 21, 2018
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Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Working Out PRENUP Before Wedding

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As Kanye West wisely once said of prenups in the song “Golddigger”, “It’s something that you need to have, because when she leave yo’ a**, she gonna leave with half.”

Now Hailey Baldwin is obviously no golddigger, but according to TMZ Justin has been counseled that it would be QUOTE, “Insane not to get a prenup”, and Justin agrees. And luckily both he AND Hailey are on board to get one before saying “I do.”

Hailey and Justin have reportedly lawyered up for the awkward yet necessary prenuptial agreement, and they’re gearing up to hash out the negotiations as we speak. TMZ also reports that the pair won’t tie the knot until a signed prenup is in place.

Now for those who think prenups take away from the sanctity of marriage, because it implies that the couple is conceding that they *might* split up one day, let us remind you that this is not any kind of ordinary financial situation. Justin and Hailey are both very religious and will be taking their vows to heart, of course, but according to TMZ, Justin’s net worth is roughly $250 million dollars, while Hailey’s is closer to a couple million. So, a prenup is not only a smart precaution — it’ll take the pressure off either one feeling forced to stay in an unhappy situation over money.

That being said, considering how madly in love these two are, we’re guessing they won’t have to ever worry about that. But as they say, better safe than sorry!

Alright guys now I wanna hear from you — are you surprised Justin and Hailey are getting a prenup, or did you assume they would considering how much money is on the line? Sound off with all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!

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