Sep 11, 2018
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7 BIGGEST Signs Aliens Have Visited Earth!

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Top signs that aliens have visited Earth! These are the best signs and proof and biggest signs aliens have visited Earth!

#6. “Ancient Aluminum”–
The metal Aluminum we know of today was first synthesized in a lab in 1825 as a tiny hunk of tin and even after that the process took almost another fifty years before it could be manufactured in bulk at a cost effective manner. At the turn of the 20th century this new metal started to become commonplace and was hailed as one of the materials of the future. Flash forward to 1973, workers alongside a river in the near the Transylvanian village of Aiud in Romania discovered a strange object a little over thirty feet underground. At first it was thought to be part of a modern day tool that had rusted, but after it was taken to a nearby laboratory and tested it turned out to be much more. After analyzing and dating the object, instead of understanding it as is usually the case with such tests, the archaeologists found that the object was even more mysterious than they had imagined. It turned out that the object was made out of aluminum but it wasn’t some discarded piece of modern day machinery, as the dating methods that were used, calculated it to be 250,000 years old. Scientists have been studying the object and scratching their heads for the last forty-five years, but the more tests that are run and the more they seem to find out about it the more confounding the ancient puzzle becomes. They discovered that the object is not completely aluminum but more a complicated mixture of 90 percent aluminum and 11 other types of metals. Because of this combination of metals, the object is unlikely to have naturally formed and its design only gives credence to the idea that it was manufactured as it has features like holes that make it appear as though it was part of larger mechanism. As the date places the object at time period in which homo sapiens had only first evolved and were completely incapable of creating such an object, many scientists believe that it is of an extraterrestrial nature–more specifically, part of an alien spacecraft.

#5. “Sacsayhuaman”–
For almost 1,000 years, a stone fortress just outside the Peruvian city of Cusco has withstood the ground rattling earthquakes the region is known for. The architecture of this structure has perplexed scientists for decades as the techniques that would be needed to construct it didn’t exist until recently and still would be difficult to replicate. This site is known as Sacsayhuaman or Royal Eagle, and its walls are made up of giant stones that fit together so tightly that not even a playing card can be slipped between them. Though many believe the fortress may have been built as recently as 500 years ago, even the Incas that ruled Cusco during that time period (expert stone workers as they may have been) would have been drastically overachieving in this effort given the technologies attributed to them. Some scientists believe that the only way that these heavy stones could have been carved and put into place so perfectly is using methods like laser-cutting and other modern machinery. This is why one of the prevailing theories behind Royal Eagle’s construction is that it was achieved by otherworldly means.

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