Sep 13, 2018
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300 MILES RUN | Top 10 Insane Human Records Of All Time

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3000 Miles Run | Top Insane Human Records of All Time

How long can you run without stoppingā€¦? How long can you dive in one breatheā€¦? Meanwhile some man runs 188 Miles in 24 Hours. Hello everybody! The most incredible records are in the spotlight today. We will see unbelievable race for 600, 1200 and even 3000 miles, Fastest Human on earth, cycling, speed, depth, adrenaline and admiration for the unlimited possibilities of the human body.

Bob Manden is a legend of the Wild Wild West, which is known as the “fastest shooter ever lived”! He shot down the balloons 6.5 feet apart from each other in 0.2 seconds using a 45 caliber revolver!

And here is another super shooter – the legendary Jerry Mikulek. He became the winner of the international shooting championship of a revolver 20 times in a row!

The longest certified race in the world – 3,100 miles of “Self-overcoming” is held annually from mid-June to early August in Queens, USA. Participants have 51 days to overcome this distance.

He is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, as the person who took part in the largest number of triathlons – Iron Man

Dean Karnasis is known as the “ultra marathon man”. Overcoming 348 miles in 80 hours and 44 minutes without sleep are on his account!

The Austrian champion Kristof Shtrasser rode a bicycle 557 miles in 24 hours non-stop!

Wim Hof set a world record for the longest stay in the ice. He’s called “The Iceman.”

Kyle Vester set a world speed record on a skateboard, descending on a skate down the slope, managed to accelerate to 89.5 miles per hour!

Herbert Nitsch is an Austrian freediver who has world records in all 8 disciplines of immersion without scuba.

Usain Bolt is a legend and idol of millions – a sprinter who has become an 8-time Olympic champion and 11-time world champion and set a record for the number of records in the history of these competitions!!

Paul Anderson is an American weightlifter and the power lifter was in the Guinness Book of Records as “the man who raised the biggest weight”.

And the last creation was built by the human efforts of castells – the tower of people! The construction of such a tower is an incredibly complex process, spectacular and exciting at the same time


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