Aug 7, 2017
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12 Vehicles that will Amaze You

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12 Vehicles that will Amaze You

Today we have a very entertaining issue about the most unusual vehicles, yes, most of them will be cars of bizarre shapes, and characteristics. But today we will have enough time to drive and swim and take off on something unusual. So Hello everyone, and here we go.


1) Big Foot

2)Maker Faire


4)Wind Up

5)Ghe-O Rescue

6)Seabreacher – Innespace Seabreacher

Jay Leno’s Garage
Prank ON

8)Monowheel, Monocycle
horizont TV Jochen Kraus

9)Wazuma V8

10)Volkner Mobil

11)Caproni Ca 60 Модель

12)BMW Isetta
Top Gear

Bigfoot or Monster Truck – everyone knows that this car is a stylized pickup truck, modified or specially built with very large wheels, a suspension with a big running and an extremely powerful engine. Basically they are created for Monster-Jam show. People, who come to such shows, want to see how these monsters crush other cars, do somersaults, jump over obstacles like the whole plane, and do other interesting things. Their wheels have a radius of 66 inches, but this can hardly surprise anyone anymore. And here, Big foot number 5

Cupcake machine – no, not the one on which they make cap cakes – delicious small cupcakes. This is a machine where you can, for example, get to work if the police does not stop you, of course. Such interesting Cupcake Car is equipped with an electric motor that gives it a maximum speed of 6,8 miles per hour, so it’s hardly possible to break the rules.

Flatmobile – The creator of this technology miracle is the well-known craftsman Perry Watkins

Wind Up is the smallest car in the world.

The off-road car of the Romanian company, whose name is literally translated as “Rescue “. A four-wheel drive with the power of 500 forces, it can hold up to 11 people in length, and six can be placed behind in a universal trailer on runners that can be used as a boat or sled.

The machine is called Sibricher. Starting from its design and finishing with the possibilities, it is the closest to the original copy of the dolphin. Overall, the Sibricher is a two-seater boat, and at the same time – a submarine, which accelerates up to 43,4 miles per hour.

A monocycle from Cary McLean. McLean began designing his one-wheeled motorcycles from 1971, and has since continued to improve his creations with each new model. To ride on such thing you almost need to lay on the seat, and if you press on the gas, you can at all turn out to be on your back.

A real Batmobile. The original from the movies “Batman Beginning” and from the Dark Knight you can see in Jay Leno’s garage. But today everyone, who is flush of money, can buy a replica of this famous machine.

French specialist Ludovic Lazaret, became famous all over the world thanks to unique projects of ATVs, among which the most popular was this series

One of the most expensive houses was presented by the Volkner Mobil company. This 50-Feet palace on wheels is worth almost two million dollars.

BMW Isetta. In the current crisis postwar situation, the economical Isetta proved to be very popular.

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