Sep 13, 2018
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11 Dream Signs You SHOULDN’T Ignore!

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Top signs in dreams you should never ignore! These are the top symbols and signals in dreams and signs in dreams you shouldn’t ignore!

#9. “Food”–’You sit at a table with plates and plates of food but yet no matter how much you eat you cannot seem to overcome your feeling of incredible hunger’–This dream means that you feel your life is mundane and that you want to break out of your plain everyday schedule to go after your goals. Food is also commonly linked to knowledge, if you are starved and someone is keeping food away from you this could express inner jealousy or the fear of others accomplishing more than you. There are also varying interpretations of dreams that depend on what type of food you eat and how it tastes. If something that you normally enjoy doesn’t taste the same or is sour, this means that you need to reflect on how you have been doing things and maybe attack them differently. If you are being overfed something that you enjoy to a point of being uncomfortable this can mean that you should be careful of moving too fast or recklessly indulging in pleasures.

#8. “Cats”–’You dream that you are walking home from work. A stray cat comes up to you and proceeds to rub up against your legs asking for affection and then follows you all the way home’. Cats have been seen to represent a number of debatable things in dreams but one common theme that appears in the majority of cat-related dreams is femininity and women in general. If you are a male and have this sort of dream it may mean you need to get in touch with your feminine side or understand things from a woman in your life’s perspective. For women, female cats may symbolize a rival or enemy while male cats symbolize trust and comfort.

#7. “Roads”– ‘You are driving somewhere that you’ve been millions of times before but suddenly the road becomes unfamiliar, you don’t recognize your surroundings and none of the signs make sense’– Roads almost always are symbols of the future. This scenario represents a person who may have recently received a new opportunity but the pressures behind the change are currently overwhelming. In general it is fear of the unknown. If you come across a fork in the road in a dream you probably could have guessed that it means you are deciding between two important decisions. Driving down a road that leads to nowhere or one that is perfectly straight symbolizes a desire for simplicity and organization. If you are ever lost or find yourself forgetting how to drive in a dream it could mean that you need to slow your life down and try to remember the basics.

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