Aug 25, 2017
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10 Banned Female K-Pop Dances by KBS (2014-2015)

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2016 version:
KBS is a public TV station and has a reputation of banning songs (lyrics) and dance moves to make their show (MuBank) more family friendly.

Here are some songs from female groups that were forced to change their choreography:

Girl’s Day – Something (They changed this in their 4th live)
Dal Shabet – BBB (the hand position changed slightly)
AoA – Miniskirt (miniskirts were pre-unzipped)
Rainbow BLAXX – Cha Cha (these two moves were altered)
Stellar – Marionette (the butt scratching changed everywhere, this move changed only in KBS)
Sunmi – Full Moon (no legs 🙁 )
Hyomin – Nice Body (Hyomin shows us her face)
EXID – Up&Down (they use a new performance version)
Hello Venus – Wigglewiggle (no shirt lifts (maybe this isn’t a KBS thing but well)
Gain – Paradise Lost (the whole choreography changed but these are the main points)

I don’t complain though because KBS translates all their shows.

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