Aug 15, 2017
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Walk with Penguins in immersive 3D experience

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For the first time, you can instantly transport yourself to a sub-antarctic penguin colony and immerse in the lives of Southern Rockhopper, King, Magellanic, and Gentoo Penguins. Watch in full HD as the penguins return from challenging journeys back to their colonies of fuzzy chicks.
Beautiful. Inspiring. Under threat. Protect a Penguin at:

Despite being loved the world over, penguins are the world’s second most threatened group of marine birds, with 10 of the 18 species threatened with extinction due to competition with fisheries, bycatch, marine pollution, disease, habitat disturbance and climate change.

The world’s largest nature conservation partnership, BirdLife International, has worked with London-based virtual reality and post-production specialist, Visualise, to create Walk with Penguins, an engaging 3D 360 short nature film used to connect audiences with penguin protection.

Urgent action is needed to better protect penguins, please visit to show your support.

Executive Producer – Matt Shannon
Creative Director – Will McMaster
Director of Photography – Jonathan Curran
1st Assistant – Joe Packman
Music & Sound Design: Henrik Oppermann
Senior VFX Artist: Tom Hawksley & David Robinson
Colour Grading: Jonathan Curran
Producer: Alex McMaster and Sophia Georgiou

Script: Luca Bonaccorsi, Shaun Hurrell, Alex Dale
Music Composer: Renée Abe
Voice Over: Matt Hopper

Special thanks to:
Margaret Balaskas, Rory Crawford, John Croxall, the staff at Falklands Conservation, and supporters of the Osaka Gala Dinner and Tokyo Gala Dinner.

Copyright: 2017 BirdLife International & Visualise

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