Sep 14, 2017
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The Perfect Storm – Kangaroo Tent City Camping Product Test in Sydneys Worst Ever Dust Storm

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On the night of Tuesday 22nd September Sydney experienced a wind and dust storm like no other in history with flash lightning, up to 9mm of pouring rain, and howling winds gusting up to 95 km per hour measured by the Buro of Meteorology. By 5am on Wednesday morning, Sydney was engulfed in orange dust, blown by 95 km per hour winds carrying thousands of tons of the fine dust from outback Australia, leaving the whole city sky with an eerie orange glow. The airport was closed, Sydney Ferries were shut down and city buildings, homes and cars were covered in orange dust, the likes of which had never been experienced before.

The crazy people at Kangaroo Tent City chose to go camping in this storm on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, to test the performance of various tents in extreme conditions. 86 tents were set up and tested. Dome tents by Coleman, Black Wolf, Diamantina and Roman. Canvas tents by Diamantina and Campmor. After the storm was over on Wednesday afternoon, an inspection of all 86 tents revealed only 3 tents had broken poles from the storm. 75 of these tents were the Campmor Hennie Canvas Dome Tent and not one of these tents had any damage. Every tent was still standing. This video footage was taken at 8am on Wednesday morning, whilst the winds were still blowing at more than 50km per hour, and as you can see, every tent is still up. An amazing result given the ferocity of the winds, and the fact that Cockatoo Island camping ground is in a highly exposed location, where the westerly winds roar down Parramatta River.

Kangaroo Tent City chose to create this crazy test, and the results prove Kangaroo Tent City go to extreme measures to prove they have some of the best quality tents in the world. Kangaroo Tent City are Australias camping experts. For more information visit

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