Terms of Use


Services” will refer to any service offering listed on the Yaupr website including but not limited to and or any future product additions and amendments.

Products/Services” will refer to any product or service that is available to be purchased by a Client and will include but is not limited to Online promotions, services and or any future product additions and amendments

User” will refer to the user accessing the Yaupr website to register, post, view and all other activities performed on the Yaupr website.

Third Party Providers” will refer to any other service provider which is not direct part or affiliated to Yaupr, but who provides services through the Yaupr website or advertise on Yaupr.com.

Affiliates” will refer to other Third Party Providers who Yaupr will contract into agreement for the provision of related Products and Services.


Yaupr is an online social network which provides a service to connect with friends, family and others within this network and share posts within this network or to other social networks.

Yaupr will add new products and services as they become available without the obligation to announce such additions or upgrades.


Any client using the services of Yaupr , accepts the Terms and Conditions of use by clicking any Continue, Confirm or use of the service.

Yaupr will assume that the user has read and accepts the Terms and Conditions by clicking any of the buttons on the Yaupr website.

Third Party Services and Affiliates

Yaupr will make use of Third Party Providers to enhance the user experience. This will mean that additional links will be available on Yaupr and may redirect the user to a Third Party Provider Website, in which case the user will need to subscribe to the Terms and Conditions of the Third Party Provider Website.

Yaupr will not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage to property or to person should this loss or damage be as a result of the use of a Third Party providers Website or Products and Services, and these disputes must be addressed with the Third Party Provider directly.

Yaupr will subscribe to other providers as an affiliate in an effort to provide the Client with the best possible service. Yaupr will not be held responsible for any unlawful acts or misconduct by any of the affiliated partners subscribed to, and will launch an investigation as a result of any complaints received before any action will be taken as a result thereof.


All published blogs and posts is the view and the opinion of the author and may or may not reflect the views of Yaupr.

Yaupr reserves the right to edit or remove entries that is derogatory, promotes hate speech, is racist in any shape or form, and discriminates against any person/religion/gender/language/nationality amongst others.