Aug 20, 2017
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Super Smash Bros for Wii U – Highlights 3

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Super Smash Bros Wii U Highlights! Welcome to the new generation of Super Smash Bros Wii U gameplay! As I did with Brawl, I’ve collected a bunch of funny and epic moments for a good-time highlight reel! This is my main Smash series which includes Fantastic Finishes too. The box in the upper-left corner denotes which color GameCube controller I used in that clip and player Miiverse names are listed under their respective characters. Thank you MaskOfSethiroph for translating the Japanese player names.

Featured players:

-MJT (MJThom2009)
-Mik3 (GoldRaptor17)
-MSX (MegamanSonicX)
-xZero (xZero – LegendsInOurFreeTime)
-Kilo (KiloDragon)
-Yoshiller (Yoshiller2)
-Sethiroph (MaskOfSethiroph)
-Tyler (PraisedScooter)
-JCShore (jshore1296)
-Texas Rez (TexasRezzy)
-shrooby (shrooby)
-Whattageek (Whattageek)
-Freddy (SuperFlameRunner)
-Dominic (UltraNick24)
-Torus (Torus – LegendsInOurFreeTime)

Featured custom stages:

-Gowitha Flow
-Cobblestone Town
-Mysterious Mines

Thanks for watching! Come back again for more highlights!

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