Sep 4, 2017
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Katt Williams Smiles for the cameras after release from Jail because fight teen

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Katt Williams is all smiles today because he was released from jail after he was arrested for disorderly conduct in that infamous fight, with 17-year-old Luke Wash, which no doubt broke the internet.

Katt may have had the coins to post bail, but one thing is for sure is that the Judge doesn’t want to see Katt again or he may find himself telling jokes behind bars.

According to TMZ, the judge said, “This was not a popular decision to have you released on bond.”

She offered up some advice to Katt…”We all need to slow down a little,” and I hope he takes that advice because you never if the person you punch is a wrestling champ on the low.

Katt Williams: Fight Video

Oh my god! A new video of Katt William’s crazy fight with a seventh grader has been revealed, and it’s a totally different story than we saw before. Katt is followed around, harassed and antagonized for quite a while and cornered before he fought back. See for yourself, here!

This story just keeps getting crazier! We were shocked on Mar. 23 to see Katt Williams, 42, sucker punch a seventh grader, but a new video reveals that there’s definitely more to the story. Katt was actually playing soccer with the kids when one teen followed him around relentlessly, getting in his face until he was finally prompted to hit him. See the video, right here.

The shocking video released on Mar. 23 showed Katt sucker punching a young teenager, seemingly out of the blue. However, an extended video of the incident shows a different story. While Katt is the adult in the situation and there’s never an excuse to hit a child, we must admit the kid provoked him for quite some time before he became violent.

The longer video shows Katt playing soccer with a bunch of children, including the one he hit, which was actually pretty sweet. When they finish the game and Katt is walking away, the teen refuses to stop following him and though we can’t quite understand what he’s saying, it’s clear he’s picking on Katt.

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When the video cuts away and returns, you can see a large squad of kids lead by the antagonizer approach Katt where he’s sitting on the ground against a wall, clearly still out of breath from the game. That’s when the kid continues to mock him and tell him to stand up. When Katt does, the kid backs him into a wall, which is when Katt attacks with a punch before the kid puts him in a choke hold.

Again, there’s no excuse for hitting a child, and an adult shouldn’t let a kid provoke him into violence, but we can also understand why Katt would feel so threatened that he would lash out. Katt was totally boxed in by the kids, and many of them are larger than Katt is.

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An eyewitness named Balencia Young told EXCLUSIVELY that the fight was planned all along. “That kid purposefully provoked Katt Williams into the fight,” explains Balencia. “He told all his friends way in advance that he was going to get in [Katt’s] face, talk smack and not back down until Katt hit him. He told his friends he was going to get in the fight with Katt and he told them all to film it.” Now that film may have made Katt’s case against them stronger should they decide to press chages.

HollywoodLifers – what do you think of the next extended video, let us know!

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