Aug 8, 2017
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H.R. Giger At Home – Superego

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Finally, the brilliantly absurd Superego podcast is realized in animated form beginning with H.R. Giger at Home!

Created by clinical “psychiatrists” Dr. Jeremy Carter, Ph.D, Dr. Matt Gourley, Py.T., and Specialist Mark McConville, The Superego Podcast mission is to observe and record the phenomenon of megalomaniacal personality disorder, or MPD.
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Animation by Mahlberg Studios –

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Brad Giger: Mark McConville
H.R. Giger: Matt Gourley
Carmen Maria Scheifele Giger: Jeremy Carter

Brandon Mahlberg – Director/Animator/Illustrator
Mark Miller – Producer
Matt Gourley – Producer
Jeremy Carter – Co-Producer
Mark McConville – Co-Producer

Matt Gourley – Director/Producer/Editor
James Bladon – Music
Jeremy Carter – Co-Producer/Co-Director
Mark McConville – Co-Producer/Co-Director

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